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Friday, February 18, 2011


"Man in the mirror says: “If you think you’re going nowhere, I’ll take you there” 

Last night…
There was a silver lining in the sky
Separating darkness from the light
The moon shone bright
All stars twinkled to their might!

Next morning…
Witnessed an early rise
A mirror framed my size
That image uttered in self-assured voice
“If you think you’re going nowhere, I’ll take you there”
Sudden adrenalin rushed through the gates of alibis!

I wore the shoes for the sport
Hit my heart on the road
To translate the aforesaid quote
To cogitate the wordless notes
To decipher my mind’s code
Again I look up to the skies
My heart skipped a beat
The very moment got paralyzed
I saw the brightest star shining bright
To light my way as IPod rejoiced! (Baby, baby, baby… light my way – U2)

Summing up all the signs
Now or never, asked the time
I chose ‘now’ to break the rhyme
That always lay quiescent on my peculiar shrine
I don’t promise, I’ll do
Rest is for the hands of divine
To define my being
These stars may be realigned!

An original bY: Bharatshree


Everyone should be known by her right name ;-)