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Nothing much I am a Lawyer by profession, Guitarist by passion, Poet by obsession and just another common man. Here are few of my profiles on various social networks! God bless all!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


" It's about the games played on/with the common man's wealth - No inputs just a critique"

Roads surrender,
Sewers strike back,
Pathways crumble,
Everything too tender,
To last till last lap!

Tiles fall apart,
Blame it on groove…
walked on the roof,
In appreciation we clap!

Participants dwelling horrendous,
Pressure seems tremendous,
It’s a race against the time and rain,
Sleeping woes too complacent in bargain!

Looting the wealth of common men,
The common game that Governments play,
Ruining the health of common men,
Light painted on Black displayed as Grey!

It is not that it was a start from scratch,
Still we are awaiting the final patch,
How many years failed to groom…
…the debris off from the lavish rooms!

Still alibis dramatize,
Cannot westernize!
What hygiene has to do with standards?
Dignity of billions,
A dozen offenders!
Outnumbering the extensions,
Till all deadlines die!

But who can deny the resurrection,
Since politicians around the globe akin,
It’s bound to happen anyways,
No matter how unfair the means!

Money speaks the volumes in longing tomb,
We all are alive beyond our doom!

An original bY: Bharatshree


"Is is necessary to include prelude every time? It's easy, let it be"

I need no one to keep my track,
I seek no one to watch my back,
I have no one but heart still swells,
I got no one to save me from hells!

I ride on the dimness of darkness,
I feed on the limpness of light,
At least shadows can harness,
My pains to my plight!

I can sleep over the clouds with dry sheet,
I can walk in the street with damp feet,
I can climb the mountains of elite,
Run short of oxygen still breathe!

I want no one to pick me from groups,
I stand alone amid the mixed soups,
They shake it and stir err in loops,
To blend the tune into their troops,
End up being noobs to exclaim oops!

I hire no mime to do my work,
I require no time to finish the same,
I flaunt no tantrums to calm your irk,
You’re free to do yourself a favour,
To label and call me as lamer,
I can’t help being a hall of famer,
Won’t stoop down to tame you in captivation,
I own myself in gratis but not a tamer!

An original bY: Bharatshree

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


"If I would say a little less, I'll understand myself a lot more"

Standing on the debris with a rope,
Tied it to my leg in a hope,
The past won’t rout against my feet,
Memories lay engraved deep,
Along with the baggage I plan elope!

Sundry Sunday mornings dry,
In want of pain heart jives,
Molten emotions rimed to a riot,
Feed on love while collusion thrives!

A friend managed a disaster,
Running wild if not faster,
On my body, a ramp of gluttony,
Situate at destination fashion city,
While Paris is draped in plaster!

I drilled few eyes to that wrap,
That covered the darkness to a scrap,
Wrote my dreams with an uncouth marker,
Spoiled spread sheet with a vintage Parker,
Now stuck in my own gauge of trap!

I try to hold on still so bad,
To reconcile with the patch of being a lad,
What do I do of this glory?
When all I state is in a state of sorry!
Tailors can’t stitch my ruptured clad,
It kept me vulture for the rotten reds,
Veins bleed vanities for my predatorships,
I prefer stainless steel for the shallow clips!

May I hover on curtains?
Should I seek permission to end?
Don’t fall onto severe cushions,
Cotton once broken, irreparable to mend!

~!~ An original bY: BREt ~!~